Paul George Allegedly Offered Stripper $1 Mil to Abort His Baby


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I was getting some chapstick from Walgreens the other day and it happened to be in the same aisle with the condoms.

The condom prices ranged from $4.99 to super pack of $29.99.

When I was in elementary school I was pretty good at math, but you don’t have to be genius to realize having to pay $29.99 is better than…


Don’t know when these athletes are going to learn, if ever. Jocks and Stiletto Jill reports a story that we hear quite often.

Paul George had unprotected sex with a Stripper named Daniela who use to work out Tootsies in Miami. George allegedly try to pay her off to abort the child, but she declined (not a dumb a stripper). George is dating someone else of course (Doc Rivers’ daughter, photos of her can be seen here), and now the stripper is taking selfies in high heels to show of her pregnancy.


You would think these guys would pay attention to Derek Jeter.

Here is some updated info, it appears they met on a Yacht party over the summer.  As you can see the guy who organized the party isn’t talking.

Paul George Baby Mama

Paul George Stripper Daniela

Paul George Daniela Stripper Baby Mama

From this video everyone looks like they are having a good time.


Good luck with all this PG.

17 thoughts on “Paul George Allegedly Offered Stripper $1 Mil to Abort His Baby

  • lol @ Paul Coon.

    the pacers lost

  • The Comments so far are a hard act to follow. Gossip aside this is obviously a big deal to all parties involved. Certainly a lot of trappings to money and fame.
    The yacht party looked fun. Definitely wouldn’t pass up the chance to experience that.
    Hopefully Jalen Rose mentions this on his next ‘Champagne and Campaign’ segment.

  • BTW…The fetus is beyond the the limit for abortion.

  • Pack of condoms – less than 5 bucks. Being dumb enough to slam dunk inside a hooker – millions.

  • She fine. I would move her in and take care of my kid. I wouldn’t marry her until my career was over, but George could do a lot worse.

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