Paul George Wants DNA Test To Prove Stripper Baby Mama Isn’t Lying

Paul George is finally opening up about his baby mama drama claiming that he never offered his alleged baby mama — a woman in Miami named Daniella — any money to abort his unborn child.  I don’t think anyone has ever confirmed they tried to pay for an abortion and George won’t be the first.

“There is no truth to the rumors that Paul offered money for [Daniela] not to have the child.

The Indiana Pacers superstar told TMZ:

“If and when there is legal confirmation that I am the father, I will fully embrace my responsibilities. This is a personal matter that is still being sorted out, so I hope you can respect my privacy. “

According to sources the relationship between the Paul George and Daniella is amicable. The best thing for George to do right now is ride it out and wait until the baby is born to have a paternity test. Hopefully if the baby does turn out to be his he will man up and take care of his responsibilities as a father.


7 thoughts on “Paul George Wants DNA Test To Prove Stripper Baby Mama Isn’t Lying

  • I agree with you that Paul George should ride it out and see if the baby is really his…however, since he was quoted as saying “I will fully embrace my responsibilities” if the child IS his, was it really necassary to end your article with “Hopefully if the baby does turn out to be his he will MAN UP and take care of his responsibilities as a father”?…he had already said he would…so maybe those of us on the sideline watching this story develop should ride it out as well and see what actually happens…

  • Yes he did say that so I agree there really was no need for her to say what she said. I think it speaks to how our society, media has really done a bang up job of showing black men as lazy, absentee fathers, and criminals. There are alot of black men out there taking care of their children and wives as they are supposed to do but that never gets reported. Now to be fair the media cannot report what we as black men don’t show them. Their are brothers out there fathering children with these women and not taking care of them but the women are just as much at fault to. We all get caught up sometimes in relationships and we indulge ourselves without thinking about the consequences of our actions until it’s too late. Then when it happens we want out.

  • Don’t have ANY PROBLEMS with How she ended this Article (Btw Imma MAN…) WTF Y’all should be FOCUSING ON IS WHY is Paul FUCKING A SKRIPPER RAW Though… Do Y’all actually SUPPORT SUCH Foolishness and Recklessness?!!!? O__o

  • he should get another tattoo and place it on his forehead and
    start it off with the letter D enough said

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