Paul George’s Stripper Baby Mama Bikini Photos

Paul George had a rough night against the Blazers.  He shot 5-23 and had to be bailed out by George Hill and David West as the Pacers pulled out an overtime win.

It is understandable that George would have an off night, he has a lot on his mind.  It was originally reported that he offered a Miami Stripper $1 million to abort his child, George denied that, while saying he wants a paternity test to confirm that the baby is his.

While George was having his struggles on the court, his stripper friend Daniela has been snapping up photos on Instagram which you can see above.

Paul George Baby Mama

25 thoughts on “Paul George’s Stripper Baby Mama Bikini Photos

  • I think he hit lotto.the only way he can get a beautiful white princess is money.

    • So ur just a racist? Or a troll

    • Dan, stop being racist. If you would bother to look around, you would see a whole lot of “White Princesses” with black men. Trust me when I tell you, (since you obviously haven’t noticed) THEY AREN’T ALL RICH!!!! Let that soak in……..

  • Marry her. That chick is fine… He ain’t gonna do much better in terms of looks and she ain’t gonna do much better in terms of money and bottom line that is what they both want in a person. Perfect match… they got along well at one point in time. He can learn to love her and keep some money in his pocket at the same time.

  • What’s there to say to this other than: “LOL.” Now, time to get back to my own life.

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