Paul Wall Loses $200k on NBA All-Star Jewelry Promotion

Paul Wall

There was a time The People’s Champ Paul Wall had the internet going nuts when he came on the national scene (was always known locally in Houston) with Mike Jones..Who?…Mike Jones and Slim Thugg.

Doesn’t seem like 10 years ago does it?

Wall was always in the jewelry business (and custom grills) and that seems to be his focus these days. He is co-owner of a store with Houston jeweler Johnny Dang aka “TV Johnny”.

They ran a NBA All-Star promotion that didn’t work out too well for them. Bleacher Report has the details.

Anyone who bought his brand of watch would get to keep the item and receive a full refund if the Eastern Conference came out victorious.

It was a logical promotion. The Western Conference had won three straight contests, and it was a way for the jeweler to support his hometown Houston Rockets.

Thanks to an 18-point comeback by the East, Dang has to pay up. He sold 37 watches during the promotion and is now out $200,000. Customers must bring in their receipts by Friday in order to get their money back.

I get my watches from Amazon, but maybe I should have gambled on this.