Phil Jackson: Lakers Overpaid Kobe


Phil Jackson no longer coaches the Lakers, and hasn’t for four years.  That allows the zen master to speak freely about all topics involving L.A. without worries of repercussion.

Jackson, who is known for giving his honest opinion, was asked about Kobe Bryant‘s recent two-year extension during an interview on NBA TV.

Jackson didn’t hold back at all when he said he thinks the Lakers overpaid Bryant in the two year extension he received.

“Yeah, I would’ve. They paid him more than I would’ve gone for, But what he’s given to the organization, what he gives back, he brings a sense that ‘we are going to win,’” said Jackson. “We have to have a guy on our team doesn’t settle for 2nd. That’s one of the area where the value of Kobe, even at his age, is terrific.”

Now before we get all up in arms, Jackson says he would have given Bryant the money for all the things having Kobe brings a franchise.

Bryant signed a two-year, $48.5 million contract, keeping him the highest paid player in the league until he’s 37.