Pistons PG Rodney Stuckey: “We’re Not on the Same Page”



Not only are the Detroit Pistons players not on the same page, they’re aren’t even in the same book.

Pistons point guard Rodney Stuckey like everyone else in the organization is frustrated at the direction the team seems to be heading in and told USA Today Sports as much.

“It seems like every year there’s new players who you’re trying to get accustomed to,” Stuckey told USA TODAY Sports by phone recently. “It’s just trying to figure each other out and all being on the same page. I really don’t think right now …”

“We’re not on the same page,” he continued. “It’s difficult to try to go out there and try to win games and win games consistently.”

Stuckey who is an unrestricted-free agent this summer says his future is uncertain but that Detroit is an option (no it’s not).

“Detroit is always an option,” he said of free agency. “It’s going to be a tough situation, the first time I’m going to be able to go out and test the market and see what else is there and what not. It’s going to be all new to me. I’m excited for the opportunity, but right now I’m not trying to focus on that. I’m just trying to live in the moment right now and worry about making the playoffs first and foremost.”

This Pistons team looked doomed from the start with all the mismatched players on the roster. And again I ask, how is Joe Dumars still employed by this team?

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  • Stuckey is right he has seen not only different players each year he has had many different coaches. It takes time to build a winner and more that a year for a young team to gel. Even with the loss to Miami Monday night I have seen some improvement in last 3 or 4 games because the defense is better .

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