Plaxico Burress Suffers Huge Loss in Sale of FL Mansion


Plaxico Burress is the latest casualty of the housing market crash according to TMZ. The former NFL star originally bought his almost 7K square-foot mansion in Lighthouse Point, FL, in September 2005 for just under $4 million. Real estate values have hit all time lows since then causing even the houses in the well-to-do area where Plax lived to lose much of their value.

Documents obtained by TMZ show that Plax sold the house for $2 million as part of a short sale, where the bank accepted less money for house than what was owed on the mortgage. Burress hasn’t given any statement as to the reason for the sale of the extravagant mansion.

One thought on “Plaxico Burress Suffers Huge Loss in Sale of FL Mansion

  • Plaxico Burress caught the game winning touchdown pass in the Super Bowl. He lost millions of dollars and went to prison because he shot himself! He will never play in the NFL again. He will never make millions of dollars again. I kind of feel bad for him. So sad, another black athlete goes from riches to rags!

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