Police Chief Says Jonathan Martin Lied About Bullying Dinner Incident


One of the big things that allegedly drove Martin to leave the Dolphins was a dinner in which Incognito and others ostracized him and called him names.

Martin allegedly stormed out of the dinner heartbroken. A police chief who happened to be at that dinner, says it didn’t quite happen like that.

Here is what he had to say via TMZ Sports.

The chief says the Dolphins players all participated in a “fun” Vine video that night, in which they were all smiling and laughing.

“At no time did I ever hear Ritchie speak condescendingly to or attempt to intimidate Jonathan or anyone else at this restaurant.”

The chief says Martin never stormed out — or mentioned that he was uncomfortable in any capacity.

The chief also says he has spent a lot of time with both Martin and Incognito over the years and says, “They have always appeared to me to have a close and amiable relationship — very much like best friends.”

The way Incognito has been talking it appears he is going to be cleared, but we are still waiting for official word.

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  • PAGING Tony Dungy… PAGING TONY DUNGY!!!!! -___-

  • Notice everyone is quiet about Incognito Golf Course incident behavior

  • Go figure…another fraud; much like our current POTUSA.

  • Unless anyone is on the stand, I don’t trust what anyone says about this.

  • no its the police who are lying

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