Prosecutors Looking to Make Hernandez’s Barber Their Star Witness

Aaron hernandez

The prosecution are running out of witnesses in the Aaron Hernandez murder case. Either they are dying, getting shot at or not cooperating.

They are down to trying to get his barber of all people to provide critical evidence. Here are the details according to

As explained by FOX 25 in Boston, that could make Hernandez’s barber a central figure in the eventual trial.

Robby Olivares has testified before the grand jury that indicted Hernandez,identifying the apartment Hernandez maintained in addition to his large home in North Attleboro, Massachusetts.

Per FOX 25, Olivares may have information regarding the events of June 14 at the Rumor nightclub in Boston, where something said or done by Lloyd allegedly prompted Hernandez to conclude Lloyd needed to be silenced.

The barber wasn’t around the night Odin Lloyd was shot, so unless Hernandez told him he planned to kill Lloyd this looks like another hail mary for prosecution.