Rashad Evans Injured; UFC 170 Fight vs Cormier Canceled


The co-main event at next weekend’s UFC 170 has just been canceled due to a Rashad Evans knee injury.

Evans was perfectly healthy as of yesterday morning and was looking forward to fight his longtime friend Daniel Cormier.

The two have become less friendly as of late in preparation of this match. Cormier had this to say about his relationship with Rashad,

“We’ve kind of distanced ourselves, we haven’t talked in 5 or 6 weeks. I’ve done somethings to make Rashad my enemy for this fight. I step on the treadmill and run to the music he enters the ring to. I watch his fights differently than I did before because I have to make him something he’s never been to me. My enemy.”

Cormier was obviously looking forward to this fight and is very disappointed that it was canceled. He’s publicly open to fighting a replacement for Evans.


One of the opponents Cormier named was open to fighting on short notice.


The UFC instead chose to reschedule the fight for UFC 172 in Baltimore. That same card will feature light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.