Raymond Felton Says You Can’t Dictate His Life


I am not even sure what this quote means from Ray Felton, but he felt the need to get it off his chest to ESPN.com.

“I’m human. I’m going to have mistakes, I’m going to have bad games. I’m not the only one in this league who has bad games, but it just seems like it gets [magnified] right now because we are having a losing season and we’re not playing well,” Felton said. “So they’ve got to point [the finger] at somebody. So it’s pointed at me. Or pointed at the point guard. So it is what it is. I can care less what people say. I’m a strong-minded person. They can say what they want, but they can’t dictate my life.”

Seems like the pressure and criticisms are starting to get to him. Also, he is being outplayed by Pablo Prigioni and that might be bothering him a bit.

When you play in NYC, you have to be able to handle the heat is Hell’s Kitchen.