Redskins Plan to Keep Kirk Cousins


Kirk Cousins is a professional, but you can read between the lines and he isn’t happy about playing second fiddle to RG3.

I don’t think he has anything personal against RG3, but I believe he feels he is a better quarterback. Honestly, that is what happens when you draft a young backup QB instead of getting an older vet that knows his role.

ESPN is reporting that Redskins plan to keep Cousins, mainly because no team wants to give up a high draft pick for him.

Cousins has made it clear he is ready to go.

“Nothing changes from the day I was drafted,” said Cousins, a fourth-round pick in 2012 — three rounds after Robert Griffin III. “There’s no chance to compete, so if I can’t get it in D.C., I’d be open to having that chance somewhere else.”

“I won’t lose a lot of sleep over the unknowns,” Cousins said. “If it doesn’t present itself, then I enjoyed being part of the Redskins and look forward to being with them. Until I’m told otherwise, I’m a Redskin and I expect to handle the role as No. 2 as best I can.”