Carmelo Could Join Heat If The Big 3 Takes A Paycut


Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James

Let the speculation begin.

If the Miami Heat are able to snatch up Carmelo Anthony, the only player missing from the 2003 draft class would be Darko Milicic.

There are also scenarios where one of the current Big 3 leaves and Melo replaces them.


  1. NBA would die if that happens….too selfish, hope silver will veto that too just like what stern did to CP3 last year…

  2. Don’t know that, that would happen. I could see Bosh and James go to NYC with the same salary consideration. I think D. Wade may retire after this season, but just hasn’t let anyone know. He is a beautiful player when he’s able to play, but I think the pain is getting the best of him.

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