Report: Cavs Suspended Bynum For Shooting 3s Everytime He Touched Ball in Practice


There’s been rampant speculation for weeks on the reason Andrew Bynum was kicked out of a Cleveland Cavaliers practice, suspended and eventually waived.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, Bynum didn’t sleep with a coaches wife as was previously reported.  Instead Bynum was just being Bynum with an extra hint of jerk on the side.

During that epic day that the uninspired Bynum was kicked out of practice, Wojnarowski reported that Bynum had quit working hard  and during one practice Bynum actually went YOLO for a good hour.

fter missing an entire season with Philadelphia to chronic knee problems, several teams investigating the signing of Bynum were convinced he had the desire to push through rehabilitation and be a productive player again. But no one made a serious offer to Bynum until Cleveland delivered him a two-year, incentive-laden deal that could’ve paid him $25 million. The Cavaliers preened, too. Owner Dan Gilbert tweeted, “What’s next, C.G.?” Within the league, people wondered: Why are they taking bows?

Only Bynum never made it to the early January guarantee date for his full $12.5 million salary in 2013-14, and self-destructed. He stopped trying on the floor, and became a disruptive presence in practices. Before Bynum was thrown out of his final practice and suspended, he was shooting the ball every time he touched it in a practice scrimmage, sources said – from whatever remote part of the court he had caught the ball.

The level of disrespect for his teammates and coaches was evident.

My question is how long was Mike Brown, Kyrie Irving and anyone else involved going to let Bynum just chuck up three’s and 80 footers.

I mean can you imagine.

Bynum somehow gets the inbounds pass in practice, he throws it 80 feet.  Bynum gets the pass as Mike Brown is trying to walk the team through a set.

Bynum shoots a three.

I’m speechless.