Report: James Dolan Asked Carmelo if Woodson Should Be Fired


NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at New York Knicks

I guess we’ll find out what Carmelo said in the coming weeks. If Woodson gets fired, then Melo’s answer that it was out of his hands, won’t hold much water.

Here is the report according the NY Daily News.

James Dolan’s visit to the Knicks’ locker room late Wednesday included a high-level meeting with Carmelo Anthony and at least one other player to discuss the state of the club and whether a coaching change is necessary, the Daily News has learned.

It might be unfair to lay all of this on Carmelo.  It is possible his comments of not wanting to be involved with Woodson’t future is true and Dolan fires him any way.

Either way, Melo is the face of the franchise and if Woodson is fired, he will take the majority of blame.


  1. Carmelo is at least smart enough to realize the backlash other players who were “coach killers” get…I don’t think he wants a part of that…besides, he’s probably NOT going to be there next year anyway, so why get involved…I could see him listening to what the owner has to say about the team of course, but Carmelo realizes with a below avg point card, and aging and broken down Amare, an often hurt center and a nut job of a player in J.R. Smith, they have WAY more problems than just the coach…

  2. melo needs to stay and demand willing and able players around him and don’t be afraid to lead for once james with the help of d-wayne manage to win only because he wasn’t afraid to lead it takes leadership to win championships make other players better around you tim can b a great player so can tyler and murray if u just help them they can help you more than u think

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