Report: Phil Jackson, George Karl On Cavs Radar


I’m not sure what the Cleveland Cavaliers are thinking after firing GM Chris Grant on Thursday, but they reportedly are going to target some big fish in their search for replacements.

Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio is reporting that the Cavs have Phil Jackson and George Karl on their radar, but will allow Mike Brown to fight for his job.

I know Phil Jackson wants to work in a front office, I’m just not sure Cleveland is his preferred destination.  As far as George Karl, I’m not sur he’s a championship coach, but he may be able to at least get something of this team and it’s roster.


2 thoughts on “Report: Phil Jackson, George Karl On Cavs Radar

  • You can’t just put bodies or popular people in office. You have to allow them to work and do their jobs. Phil is not coaching again and I don’t think he wants to go to the Cavaliers front office. Karl would not work on this young team. He’s better off coaching a veteran team.

  • Listen to George Karl yesterday on “The Herd” Espn radio and he said he love living in Denver and he loves the west coast time zone, he has know intentions to coach again unless it’s a west coast job.

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