Report: Raiders Will Sign & Make Josh Freeman Starting QB


Josh Freeman needs a new home after the mess he found himself in in Tampa and the Minnesota last season. CSN’s Bay Area’s Scott Bair thinks it makes perfect sense for the Raiders to bring him in and they will make him the starter:

Bair notes that the Raiders were “really interested in (Freeman) during the season.” Regardless of how anyone feels about Freeman, this is one of the most logical fits in 2014 free agency. Raiders OC Greg Olson was Freeman’s offensive coordinator and position coach for his first three NFL seasons, and Olson needs a quarterback. Oakland could conceivably sign Freeman and use the No. 5 overall pick on Blake Bortles, Teddy Bridgewater, or Johnny Manziel

I actually agree with this move. I think in the right system Freeman could flourish if given the chance. I don’t think they should go the route of sticking a young high picked QB behind him though. They should wait to draft Aaron Murray or Zach Mettenberger later in the draft if they sign Freeman.

Or they should hold out hope for Johnny Manziel.

2 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Will Sign & Make Josh Freeman Starting QB

  • I don’t care if Josh Freeman is a veteran quarterback, he sucks! Raiders would be better off signing Matt Cassel. No wonder the Raiders continue to be one of the worse teams in the NFL. This makes no sense!

  • That’s gotta suck for Pryor

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