Report: Teams Scared Dante Exum Will Force His Way to Lakers

Dante Exum Wants To Play For The Lakers.

Australian PG Dante Exum is expected to the first point guard taken in the 2014 NBA Draft. He was cleared for the draft and signed with the same agent as Kobe, then said he wanted to play for the Lakers. Executives in the league are worried that he will try to force his way to LA according to Sporting News:

But would Exum go so far as to try to angle his way onto the Lakers, who currently have the fifth-worst record in the NBA? That’s the concern among some front-office executives around the league.

“When you hear some of what he says, it does make you wonder how the process is going to go as far as workouts and that sort of thing,” one general manager told Sporting News. “We have seen this story before, of course. I am not sure a player can have that kind of control, though.”

There is a link here but I think the kid will be happy to be drafted pretty much anywhere. He may have a preference but I don’t know that he has the built in star power that it takes to force his way to a particular team.