Richard Petty Says Danica Can Only Win If Everybody Else Stays Home

Richard Petty

Although Danica Patrick is entering her second full season in NASCAR’s Sprint Cup, questions still loom about her racing ability and now she’s being called out by the “The King.”

NASCAR Hall of Famer Richard Petty recently openly joined the list of those who quietly criticize Patrick.

H/T: Associated Press

NASCAR Hall of Fame driver Richard Petty says Danica Patrick can only win a Sprint Cup Series race “if everybody else stayed home.”

Petty also said Patrick only gets attention because she’s a woman, but added that publicity is good for NASCAR.
“If she’d have been a male, nobody would ever know if she’d showed up at a racetrack,” Petty said, according to the website. “This is a female deal that’s driving her.

There’s nothing wrong with that, because that’s good PR for me. More fans come out, people are more interested in it. She has helped to draw attention to the sport, which helps everybody in the sport.”

Petty’s son Kyle made very similar remarks last season and was highly criticized for them, but don’t expect the same reaction for “The King.” There’s a certain about of rope you get when you are Petty’s age and have his resume.

It’s no secret that Patrick has been very lucrative for racing and her sponsors and as long and the money is flowing officials will overlook her lack of success…for now. But eventually Danica is going to have to prove herself on the track if she wants to retain fans and no longer wants to be the quiet butt of racing jokes.