Richie Incognito Tweets Support For Michael Sam



Former Dolphins tough guy Richie Incognito has been quite the lightening rod for controversy this past season. He was involved in the Jonathan Martin bully scandal which we still don’t know what to completely think of. What we do know that is Richie is a free agent and now Richie has tweeted his support for Michael Sam who will be the first openly gay NFL player:


  1. I think it is psychological when a person thinks they are attracted to the same sex and not biological, but if that is their choice, then so be it. HOWEVER, a male that is attracted to men in the same way a man is attracted to a woman should not be in a locker room full of men. It is not fair to the other men in that locker room. As a woman, I would be really uncomfortable sharing a locker room with any man – homo or hetero. Perfect example: Jeff Smith and David Kopay. Two gay men, on the same team (I think it was the Redskins) who dated each other. They must have been checking each other out in the locker room – no? It is not right. And it is not fair to the other men in that locker room. Men are horndogs regardless of their sexual orientation. Everybody wants to be PC but nobody wants to discuss the other (real) issues.

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