Rod Streater Drops a Second Beats by Dre Spoof (Video)


Rod Streater dropped a great Beats by Dre spoof where he was using the headphones to tune out an annoying neighbor selling cookies. Now he’s back with more regular people problems. He doesn’t want to hear an annoying girl who won’t stop complaining about the pool water.

I hope Beats by Dre actually calls him for a commercial. Nice job again.

3 thoughts on “Rod Streater Drops a Second Beats by Dre Spoof (Video)

  • If you’re going to spend $300 dollars on headphones, do not buy Beats By Dre! Those things are made out of cheap plastic plus they will break if you slightly drop them. I strongly recommend Bose QC-15.

  • All the beautiful sistas out there but they had to put the token white girl in the vid smh. Never do what they do.

  • LOL…pretty funny…..the spoof idea is good

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