Rudy Gay Unsure If He’ll Test Free Agency


Rudy Gay has re-gained his form in Sacramento, and made the trade between the Raptors-Kings a win for both teams.

Gay has a $19.3 million player option this summer, and many are wondering if he’ll opt-in for the money,or test free agency and long term security.

“I’m not sure (if he’ll opt out). I have to go into the summer with my people, think about everything, weigh out the pros and cons. I don’t know yet. But Sacramento’s been great to me thus far. Obviously I’m trying to tune it all out right now. All I can think about right now is how great Sacramento’s been to me.”

We all know Gay is going to opt-in and take the $19 million.

Gay won’t command anywhere near the $19 million he’s scheduled to get in the final year of this deal, and it might be his last season making max dollars.