Rumor That Callie Rivers is Also Having Paul George’s Baby is Untrue


While it is true that Paul George is having a baby by a Miami Stripper, the rumor that Callie Rivers is expecting is untrue.

Baller Alert has an unnamed source that claims Callie is early in her pregnancy, but from what I have been told, that is just someone who is trying to connect the dots on some tweets and trying to stir up trouble between George and Rivers. ¬†At least at this time, she is not carry his or anyone’s child.

While Callie did delete some evidence about her relationship with George, it should be said that this isn’t a “break baby”, that George knocked up the stripper before he started dating Callie.

She seems to be cool with it, so we wish them all well.

Callie Rivers 7


  1. The only way groupies, strippers and hookers will see a million dollars is if they get pregnant by a stupid rich pro athlete. These chicks are dangerous! They will either have your baby or they will set you up for a false rape charge (Ask Mike Tyson). Guys, leave these type of chicks alone; never trust a big butt and a smile!

  2. “George knocked up the stripper before he started dating Callie”…..yeah right…..guess she had to get that out there so she (Callie) doesn’t look stupid and saves face

    • Well SHE FAILED Becuz She getting with him AFTER THE FACT AND Staying with Him (Makes Her LQQK EVEN MORE STOOPID Though…) IJS

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