Rumor That Callie Rivers is Also Having Paul George’s Baby is Untrue


While it is true that Paul George is having a baby by a Miami Stripper, the rumor that Callie Rivers is expecting is untrue.

Baller Alert has an unnamed source that claims Callie is early in her pregnancy, but from what I have been told, that is just someone who is trying to connect the dots on some tweets and trying to stir up trouble between George and Rivers.  At least at this time, she is not carry his or anyone’s child.

While Callie did delete some evidence about her relationship with George, it should be said that this isn’t a “break baby”, that George knocked up the stripper before he started dating Callie.

She seems to be cool with it, so we wish them all well.

Callie Rivers 7

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  1. The only way groupies, strippers and hookers will see a million dollars is if they get pregnant by a stupid rich pro athlete. These chicks are dangerous! They will either have your baby or they will set you up for a false rape charge (Ask Mike Tyson). Guys, leave these type of chicks alone; never trust a big butt and a smile!

  2. “George knocked up the stripper before he started dating Callie”…..yeah right…..guess she had to get that out there so she (Callie) doesn’t look stupid and saves face

    • Well SHE FAILED Becuz She getting with him AFTER THE FACT AND Staying with Him (Makes Her LQQK EVEN MORE STOOPID Though…) IJS

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