Russell Wilson Plans to Attend Rangers Spring Training

russell wilson

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is headed to Spring training with the Texas Rangers according to his baseball agent Mark Rodgers who says despite his dominant performance in the Super Bowl still wants to maintain a relationship with the MLB and the Texas Rangers..


It’s not unusual for quarterbacks to play baseball also. Florida State’s Heisman winning quarterback Jameis Winston also plays baseball for the Noles and was selected to the All-American team. Though it will be impossible to play both professionally at the same time, Wilson is keeping his options open. Don’t worry though Seahawks fans, he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

One thought on “Russell Wilson Plans to Attend Rangers Spring Training

  • It is not at all impossible to play both, it has been done many times. The Seahawks need to pay him and pay him now with a contract that prevents him moonlighting. Yes, it’s nice to get by on the cheap because of his draft slot but can you imagine him tearing up a knee, shoulder or ankle at spring training?

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