Serena Continues Boycott On Indian Wells Tournament After Past Racial Taunts



Serena has made up her mind on whether or not she will partake in this year’s BNP Paribas Indian Wells Tournament.

It’s been 13 years since Serena and Venus have played in the annual tournament in their home state of California. The boycott stems from racial taunts hurled after the two sisters were slated to play against one another, and Venus withdrew suddenly due to injury.

Many had speculated on Serena’s possible participation this year because of her surprising early oust in the Australian Open. But Serena is against sticking to what she thinks is best:

“After careful consideration, I will not return to the Indian Wells BNP Paribas Open this year,” Williams said. “I send my best wishes to everyone involved in the tournament.”

Tournament director Steve Simon issued this statement following Serena’s withdrawal:

“We wish her the very best of luck in the year ahead and hope that she will decide to play here next year.”

Nice to see Serena continue to stand up against the abuse, even if it means sacrificing a paycheck and a chance to add to her rank status.

2 thoughts on “Serena Continues Boycott On Indian Wells Tournament After Past Racial Taunts

  • Good for Serena. Show them some things are more important than money like your self respect. Racism is alive and well in this country.

  • Good for Serena I haven’t forgotten how those people in the stands showed their behinds. This is why these ridiculous Honorary black passes given out needs to stop, racism is alive and well, no way black people should keep subjecting themselves to this. Rather it’s from fans in the stans or teammates/so-called friends in lockerrooms

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