Sergio Martinez: When I Knock Out Cotto, I Can Focus On Golovkin


Sergio Martinez is finally healthy and talking big trash to all comers.

Martinez hasn’t fought since April 2013, and the reigning middleweight champion is salivating for the chance to throw hands with Miguel Cotto on June 7.

Martinez is supremely confident, and told Boxing Scene that once he knocks out Miguel Cotto, he can then finally focus on Gennady Golovkin.

“When I beat Cotto by knockout, I can just concentrate on what might be a possible fight with Golovkin. He is the most difficult opponent. He’s not the most difficult because of his technique, but for his physical strength. Golovkin is strong, physically fit and he can take a punch. This is the time to fight him, because in a few years he will have more experience and he will be more dangerous,” Martinez told Mundo.

Martinez (51-2-2, 38 KO) has held the middleweight championship since 2010.  Golovkin, who holds the WBA middleweight title, is thought by and large to be the best middleweight on the planet.

I concur that thought.

Sergio Martinez may want to tread lightly.