Spencer Hawes Wipes His Butt With Obama Toilet Paper (Photo)

Spencer Hawes clutch shot.

I don’t care that much for politics mainly because people do juvenile things like this.

Doesn’t matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat, how about acting like an adult? The Sixers don’t have to worry, they won’t be going to the White House any time soon.

H/T Larry Brown Sports

One thought on “Spencer Hawes Wipes His Butt With Obama Toilet Paper (Photo)

  • It is dumb but I have to admit, I did not think we could have a worse President than Bush 43 and then along cam Obama. Guy turned out to be in way over his head. I guess we should have known though, he had zero experience and the country was just all wrapped up in the glitz and glammor of it all. And still, we re-elected him. Sigh.

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