Steelers GM Colbert Says “This Is The Most Immature Draft”

Steelers GM, Luck

Steelers GM, Kevin Colbert, made a comment I believe most NFL personnel would agree on, the 2014 draft is immature.

Colbert spoke on Thursday, saying that this was one of the most talented group he has scouted in his 30 years in the NFL but one thing that concerns him are their age and their ability to go from college to professional overnight.

“Even though it’s the most talented group I’ve seen I’m also worried it’s the most immature group,” Colbert told reporters in Indianapolis, “and we have to be prepared for more player development-type programs, maybe enhancing your player development so as to get the most out of these younger players.”

“Experience has told us that a lot of these younger players aren’t ready for this and it’s a huge leap,” Colbert said. “I don’t think a lot of them understand that until they get on a playing field and see the increase in the quality of play.”

“The emotional part of being a college kid and the next day being a professional, I think it’s a little easier to transition from your senior year to the pros than it would be your junior or sophomore year,” Colbert said. “If you fail early it can be emotionally overwhelming and sometimes career-ending.”

The NFL have made sure that kids are in school at least 3 years but their development and transition isn’t an easy one. Players go from Kids to Players overnight and some have no idea what they are getting into. The NFL should implement and force programs for players to attend to teach them how to spend money, media presence, the dangers of people taking advantage of you and last but not least, women. Growing up over night is no joke, if you’re gonna treat this game like the true business it is, the NFL need to invest more into these players.