Steve Spurrier Says He’s Against “Saban Rule” to Stop Offenses

Steve Spurrier

Depending on who you believe, Nick Saban was either just an innocent bystander in the room when the idea of slowing down college offenses was discussed or he was leading the charge and is the mastermind behind the rule. Well, Steve Spurrier has some thoughts on what he calls the “Saban rule”:

So, you want to talk about the ‘Saban Rule’?” Spurrier told USA Today on Thursday. “That’s what I call it. Looks like it’s dead now, hopefully.”

“I just told him I was against it,” Spurrier told the newspaper. “It’s ridiculous. Let’s let everybody keep playing the way they’ve been playing.”

We knew that Steve Spurrier who is a master at trolling his fellow coaches would have something to say about this. In my opinion, he is 100% right. In the end though, there is very little evidence that this rule will get passed so Steve should have nothing to worry about.