Sydney Leroux Takes Some Bikini Photos

Why wasn’t she is in the SI Swimsuit Issue?

I am going to have to make a couple of calls.

sydney leroux 6

4 thoughts on “Sydney Leroux Takes Some Bikini Photos

  • Another gorgeous sista ruins her body with all of those tattoos. Maybe that’s why she didn’t get picked to be in the SI Swimsuit issue. In my opinion, if a person gets this many tattoos, they hate their own skin!

  • Black is beautiful but not when it’s covered in tattoos!

  • The tats are fine. I suspect that the pudge-pot editors at SI are unwilling to offend or perturb the coach potato mid-lifers who are the targets of the adverts in the Swimsuit Issue. Offend them how? By showing them a women who is in better shape than they. And could likely kick their collective wimpy duffs.

  • JJ Watt is a very lucky man. She is a real knockout.

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