Texas A&M Players Arrested For Smoking Weed in Handicap Spot (Mugshot)

Darian Claiborne Isaiah Golden Mugshot

It seems like every college football team has had a player arrested on weed related activities this off season. The latest are Texas A&M’s Darian Claiborne and Isaiah Golden. They were busted for have weed and alcohol after an officer noticed them parked in a handicap spot:

Isaiah Golden (DL), Darian Claiborne (LB) and Devante Noil (WR) were all inside of a silver Infinity parked in a handicap space at an apartment complex in College Station around midnight.

According to the police report, an officer approached the car … and smelled weed. He detained all 3 players, along with another man, and proceeded to search the car.

The cop says he found weed along with a bottle of brandy … which is a problem since all of the men are nuder 21.

But during the incident, the officer says Claiborne “became very loud … complaining that this was going to ruin [his] college football career.”

This is Claiborne’s second drug bust since he was caught hiding weed in a Hershey’s kiss ornament in late December. The police say they had 1.9 grams of weed. Devante Noil was released though.

I’m not going to judge the players too much for smoking, but why were they just hanging out in the handicap spot? Seems to me their decision making was already a bit fuzzy when that decision got made.


One thought on “Texas A&M Players Arrested For Smoking Weed in Handicap Spot (Mugshot)

  • IDIOTS! These two football players should be kicked out of school! Kevin Sumlin is under instense pressure to win the SEC even though Johnny Football is gone! The program doesn’t need to have off season trouble like this. I don’t think these two realize that they’re black men living in the south. They don’t deserve to wear the Aggie uniform.

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