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Texas Tech Fan Admits Saying Something He Shouldn’t Have to Marcus Smart

by Robert Littal | Posted on Sunday, February 9th, 2014
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This isn’t quite a confession, but close to it.

I don’t think he would feel bad if he was just booing or saying Smart sucked, but calling him a racial slur, that is something you would feel bad about. He could just feel bad about getting caught as well.

Once again, if he said what is being alleged, a permanent ban is in order, no questions asked.

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  1. kendall says:

    Your headline is saying(at least when posted to Facebook) he admits to calling him the n word. He has denied that. He may have, but Jeff(the other party) is currently denying that.

  2. Justin says:

    I love how quickly your site back peddles because it has wrong, assumed information. Classy. Right up Smart’s alley.

  3. Jake says:

    Does anyone know if Reverend Jesse and Al Sharpton will hunt me down if I start a whitesportsonline.com?

  4. Jake says:

    Is it wrong that the author deleted my comment for asking if it would be racist if I started a whitesports.com website? Hypocritical? Reverse racism?

    • Tim says:

      It wasn’t deleted, you idiot.

    • jeff says:

      There is no such thing as “reverse racism”, an the topic has nothing to do with “reverend jesse and al sharpton. And the author has every right to exercise control of the comments.

      Have anything to say about the story?

      Jackasses like this guy are reasons why people don’t bring kids to games anymore. Who wants to sit next to that jerk for a full game?

  5. Dan says:

    Blacksportonline… Its cool when the minorities do it, but no the majority..

    Every day nba player are heckled at and they react professionally. I can guarantee you this will effect smarts draft stock. Just look at him responding to his teammate afterwards when he’s trying to calm him down.

    • Lisa says:

      To you, Dan and everyone else who pretends not to understand why it is “cool” for minorities to have organizations, activities and events that are specific to their ethnic group, it’s because of how HISTORICALLY RACIST AND ETHNICALLY EXCLUSIVE the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has been in case you forgot. SO GET OVER IT!

  6. blah says:

    If this sites inferring “OR” called him some thing with out bases then I see a lawsuit coming , I suggest you take it down..

  7. J says:

    Your facebook headline is completely misleading…. he obviously has denied calling him the N Word. Trying to get views i see. Pathetic.

  8. Tom Jones says:

    Just because this guy denied calling him that vulgar vile word does not mean he actually didn’t use it. He knows that if anyone confirms that he used the word his “super fan” status will be revoked. Simply going by one party says and not the other or even witness statement will never get you the truth.

  9. rick james says:

    J.J Roddick had fans say they were going to rape his sister when he played for Duke. Does that give him a free pass to shove fans? Notice how he didnt.

  10. the thruthseeker says:

    Robert Littal why are you so quick to believe Smart but nor Orr? You see what Orr said about the situation, he admits to saying something, but clarifies that it wasn’t racist. Smart says he was called the N word and you are quick to believe him? Maybe Smart is the one trying to justify his actions? I guess this is the kind of “journalism” we can expect from a website named ‘blacksportsonline’. It seems to me that you are the real racist. Why would you start a site about black sports and not just sports? You need to take a deep look into your personal motives and realize that what you do could be seen as racist.

  11. Edward says:

    Reverse racism………..LOL!!!!!!! Silly white people

    • Tyrone says:

      Yeah in no way shape or form are African Americans ever racist. Just by the sheer tone of their skin means it is impossible to be a racist. Give me a break, every ethnicity have a racist side to it. Get over your selves.

  12. the thruthseeker says:

    “I watch ton of shows on Bravo, but I am not gay” – Robert Littal

    Since when is Bravo an actual gay-run or gay-promoted channel? Please cite a factual source. Maybe a statement from a Bravo exec?

  13. HawkeyePete says:

    Have you ever watched Bravo? Check out their programming and you will see. Actually some of my favorite shows, Roseanne, Will and Grace… Now for Mr. Orr after viewing the Texas A & M video is obviously a baiter and a douche. It wouldn’t surprise me if he said the N word or as I saw on another site where a teammate thought he heard Orr say “Go back to Africa.” The guy looks like a poster child for “redneck”. And what about the two ladies with him. I am sure they had nothing but good intentions in what they were saying. If Orr did say something racist then Smart is the victim here.

  14. NoWayDummies says:

    IMHO you are all a little racist. At the very least, the name of this site reveals a bias against non-black sports and/or athletes. Racial pride? Perhaps. Racial superiority complex? More than likely. As for the topic, Or really does seem smug as if he was trying to get under Smart’s skin, but the N word? I dunno. What business would a racist have attending a predominantly black sport like basketball? That’s like going into a Chinese restaurant then criticizing the predominantly Chinese staff. You are paying money and traveling 100s of thousands of miles in support of a sport for which you hate the players? That doesn’t make sense to a reasonable man. Is it possible that Smart over reacted to a comment about him falling in front of a known heckler who got under his skin with less intense words only to realize how it looked afterward? Maybe, claiming Or said something worse, in smart’s eyes, make him (smart) seem less douchie and reactionary. After all he is known for over reacting and expressing his anger in inappropriate ways is he not?

  15. Frank F says:

    That is Texas there is no way the fan gets banned for even one game. There is a better chance of them giving him tickets for life or making him the head coach than banning him. Southern states like Texas want brown people to know their place so they might throw this super fan a parade.

    • NoWayDummies says:

      As a Texan, and non-white Texan at that, I can humbly say, you sir are an idiot and a typical Hatemonger. As for other Southern states, they can fend for themselves, but Texas is in no way a racist state. Minorities have more access to financial aid and most employers are admittedly still equal opportunity employers which I know first hand translates to hire the person of color over the white guy despite work experience. Thanks Texas and also thanks for fully paying my college tuition. Yes buddy, on this point you are dead wrong.

  16. . says:

    This site is laughable. You put a flat out lie in your title for extra views and you’re dragging a fan through the mud with zero evidence. It’s pretty sad that black people have to immediately throw out the race card any time a black player acts like a complete jackass in front of millions.

  17. Darin says:

    Let me share my demographic data…white male from the midwest. How is this site laughable? As a white person, I certainly can’t relate the daily bigoted hate an African American has to put up with. I don’t excuse violence but I can see where a person would reach a breaking point. We don’t know for certain what Mr. Orr had to say but I’ll bet a years salary he wasn’t wishing Marcus Smart a long prosperous life.

  18. Mike Blankenship says:

    I’m confident that Tech has some arrangements with Jeff Orr to do this stuff to better Tech’s score. He also has prearranged stunts like tossing a coke on the court when Tech is out of time outs. Orr has a prearranged sign to look for from the Tech coach when its time to pull a stunt. He looked at the coach and saw the sign and then he spilled the racial epithet to Smart. In the end, Orr got his usual payment from Tech, a promised free year of tickets for 2015.

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