Texas Tech Fan Admits Saying Something He Shouldn’t Have to Marcus Smart


This isn’t quite a confession, but close to it.

I don’t think he would feel bad if he was just booing or saying Smart sucked, but calling him a racial slur, that is something you would feel bad about. He could just feel bad about getting caught as well.

Once again, if he said what is being alleged, a permanent ban is in order, no questions asked.

26 thoughts on “Texas Tech Fan Admits Saying Something He Shouldn’t Have to Marcus Smart

  • This site is laughable. You put a flat out lie in your title for extra views and you’re dragging a fan through the mud with zero evidence. It’s pretty sad that black people have to immediately throw out the race card any time a black player acts like a complete jackass in front of millions.

  • Let me share my demographic data…white male from the midwest. How is this site laughable? As a white person, I certainly can’t relate the daily bigoted hate an African American has to put up with. I don’t excuse violence but I can see where a person would reach a breaking point. We don’t know for certain what Mr. Orr had to say but I’ll bet a years salary he wasn’t wishing Marcus Smart a long prosperous life.

  • I’m confident that Tech has some arrangements with Jeff Orr to do this stuff to better Tech’s score. He also has prearranged stunts like tossing a coke on the court when Tech is out of time outs. Orr has a prearranged sign to look for from the Tech coach when its time to pull a stunt. He looked at the coach and saw the sign and then he spilled the racial epithet to Smart. In the end, Orr got his usual payment from Tech, a promised free year of tickets for 2015.

    • Alex Jones paid you to post that Mike?

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