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Texas Tech Fan Allegedly Told Marcus Smart to “Go Back to Africa”

by Robert Littal | Posted on Sunday, February 9th, 2014
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If this is what the fan said he still needs to be banned.

That is totally out of line, but it does mesh with the text messages Jeff Orr sent to a friend immediately after the incident. The only difference (and frankly it is still bad either way) was did he add the nigger behind it.

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  1. JT says:

    Well I will believe what Marcus Smart says what he said to him. I don’t care what the media reports what was said. They always like to clean things up if you know what I mean? It’s also funny how when a certain player does something not acceptable by certain groups, that they dig up footage or examples of another player from that group in a similar situation, to show either a contrast or similarity. Basically, the narrative is either “this is how you should behave” or “this is how they all behave.” America the beautiful huh?

  2. Bob says:

    So your sources for him saying “go back to africa” are three tweets that have absolutely no sources at all. You have no facts at all.

  3. Cochise says:

    I KNEW this guy said something stupid to provoke Marcus Smart. No surprise at all. And he went the oh-so-old ‘go back…..’ route? So small-minded. Old perv, why do you have season tickets to a college team anyway? Hmmmmmm.

    • Cochise53 says:

      Really? Dude is a perv for being a proud alum of Texas Tech? Should old people stay home and sip tea or something?

      Get the facts before siding with the race baiters. There is audio of him calling Smart a piece of crap, nothing else.

  4. ruth S, says:

    I am not a follower of basketball at all..but I watched the video 4 times..Jeff Orr,Definitely said something to provoke and and offend Marcus Smart. Clearly, he was reacting to something that was said to him.
    While his response Was completely unacceptable. I think The University should provide an few sessions for the athletes to teach them how to respond to high stress situations, such as heckling or harassment, I do not think Mr. Smart should be banned for the season.. maybe 2 games and a serious talking too as well as a counseling session. But Orr and his scary wife…Ban them form any further games.
    PERIOD! Harassing a player. Using hateful and inflammatory language..Call it what you want. In my book they would be banned…
    He should be p=

  5. tim says:

    Get ready for a lawsuit. Not one reputable source is stating this and now you’re claiming it as fact. Are you trying to race bait?

  6. Erik says:

    Every game there are “passionate” fans who degrade the opposing team.
    The difference is that most shrug it off, use it as motivation.
    Players are called everything, their families are degraded or threatened.

    JJ Reddick had this happen to him on a nightly basis while at Duke, and whe he said it always bothered him, he never engaged the “passionate” fans.

    A solution:
    How bout a 2 or 3 foot buffer between the fans and the court. Oh wait, then they couldn’t squeeze a few more peeps($$$) in the arena…

  7. Shelly Ladden says:

    Why is it so acceptable in a sporting venue to be downirght rude and offensive? Have some respect for a player you came to watch.

  8. Rick Bullock says:

    All this speculation is ridiculous. I’ve known JO since HS, and went to TTU w/ him. Have attended a handful of games w/ him. Strong TTU supporter, sure, but never a racial comment. Ever. We KNOW what Smart. As to what Orr said, you’re only guessing. BTW, his wife was next to him. Had he said something inappropriate, she would have reacted; she didn’t .

  9. @rick bullock says:

    you’re a biased neanderthal

  10. CHIRAQ says:

    Yeah we’ve never been Americans, got raped, tortured, castrated, Jim Crow, shot in the streets. We’re Africans, we’re illegal aliens.

    Africa gots 55 billionaires, what do we have 2-6? We own 0.3% of “American” wealth.
    All the Greeks, Italians, Scots, Irish and Mexicans got “privilege” by assimilating into “White” aka “American”. What do we get? Ridiculed spit on and called Racists or Thugs for defending our humanity.

    Fine we African. Now we’re not a minority. I’ll be African if we got 1 billion brothers making us the majority and ready to back us up.That Marcus Smart was right, Trayvon was right, stop and frisk is wrong, gentrification is wrong, stealing our language and culture and raping us and not paying us for work then lying and saying Africans did that too.
    More athletes should be African and Pan-African. We’re still getting treated like Africans and worse than illegal aliens.

  11. CHIRAQ says:

    He should been kinder. “You need to be “gentrified” out of America!”
    Honestly, once we out the neighborhoods where we own no business what is left for us but to leave the country?

    European immigrants get more acceptance than higher-skilled Africans desperate to immigrate. There are 4 Billion Black people in the world yet America’s Black population has stayed at 13% for over a century. #PopulationControl

    They aint never loved us. Be careful Marcus Smart and get your money right then come build some businesses like Jamaal Mashburn or Jeremy Lin do for his people.

  12. me thethruth says:

    Smart first claimed he was called the N word, now we see claims that he was told to go back to Africa. Which is it?

    Robert you stated – “The only difference (and frankly it is still bad either way) was did he add the nigger behind it.”

    Robert, why are you so enamored with this word? It seems like you really want it to be true. You are just loving this story as if it justifies your entire site and the reasons for creating it.

  13. LovableFuzzHead aka Wooly Mammoth Esquire the 3rd says:

    African expatriates. We own 0.3% of the wealth and people want to say slavery is over. We make close to a trillion dollars but spend it in non-African, non-black hands. Only have 2 billionaires compared to Africa’s 50+.

    “Free” blacks owned 0.5% of America’s wealth and still had some African culture and unity before the Emancipation Proclamation. Today we own 0.3%.

    Just like the Greeks, Mexicans, Spaniards, Irish, Scots, Italians, French, Jews all had to give up their nationalities, languages and names to get “white” privilege in America, but never Africans even though they gave up the nations and continent of Africa, lost our names, lost our languages. And what do they teach in school? French, Spanish, Italian, used to be Greek & Latin althiugh its an extreme minority and Africans language speakers ate far more population. Like the Jewish people and the Asians We better realize soon we are not English nor American, we are African and we are the majority and we need our stolen African stuff back.
    Otherwise get gentrified ala Harlem or Detroit. trying to live the American Dream that everyone else got before.
    Time to live the African Dream.

    Hell Jews are still discriminated against by other “whites”. Thats why they got Hebrew Schools so they know its not appropriate to rap and call each other slurs or buy from Italian Designers who either hate them or could care less.
    We’ll always be black so might as well be called Africans and start building African money making institutions, restaurants,language history cartoons and legends that rival Hercules, Hobbit, 300, Game of Thrones. Yeah we African. Pay us in American money though.

    • Sayeth WHAAT?? says:

      Blacks own .3% of the wealth? Welcome to the rest of America who owns 1%, so blacks own almost a third of the pie that exists for the rest of us..

      Not everything is about race. Way more of a difference exists between rich and the rest of us than race does.

      Keep arguing though! Richers love how distracted you are from the truth!

  14. kevin says:

    if you’re not black,then you wouldn’t understand why he responded to the phrase go back to Africa you n….. it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a racial slur was used by the way that he responded when he got up.

  15. Jordan says:

    Typical, act like a hot head and then pull the racecard… it’s the only play an asshole like Marcus Smart has

  16. Mark says:

    FIRE FIRE FIRE!!! RAPE RAPE RAPE!!! When someone falsely accuses these things – they hurt real victims.

    Whoever tossed lies about the racial slurs needs to be dealt with HARSHLY. How is our society supposed to move past these issues if a small group still weaponizes false allegations of slurs??

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