The Most Ratchet NBA All-Star Photo Ever? The Jesus Mini Skirt


Jesus Mini Skirt NBA All Star

Over a few Hurricanes on Bourbon St, some friends and I discussed if the above photo is the most ratchet NBA All-Star weekend photo ever.

We have all been to our fair share of All-Star games and no one could think of anything worse.

The first initial question was where do they sale Jesus mini skirts at? Our conclusion was out of the back of someone’s van in the south could be the only place.

Only Tebow can save us now.


  1. Yeah, her skirt is outrageous but it’s really not that surprising and it obviously wasn’t a big deal to her. Nowadays you can find some of the most whorish women in church. I’ll bet she attended service in the morning before donning that skirt that same evening.

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