“The Rock,” HBO To launch ‘Ballers,’ A Show About Lives Of Football Players



ESPN tried to do it with the show Playmakers, but the conflicts of interest with the NFL caused the show to be pulled immediately.

HBO has the means and the freedom to make such a show happen.

According to Deadline.com, HBO has picked up the series Ballers, which explores the lives of a group of former and current football players.  Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stars in the series, and he serves as executive producer with Mark Wahlberg.

The series will also star John David Washington, the son of Denzel Washington and a former football player who spent time with the Rams, but who never placed in a regular-season game.



  1. If this show is as realistic as Playmakers, I will watch. If this show sucks like The Game, I will not watch.

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