Thiago Silva’s Wife Claims He Has a Drug Problem

thiago silva mugshot

The attempted murder situation between UFC Fighter Thiago Silva and his with Thaysa continues to evolve. Now Thaysa is claiming that Silva has a drug problem even if she won’t name the drug:

We’ve obtained documents Thaysa filed in Florida back in January seeking a restraining order against Silva — in which she checked a box saying he has a “drug problem.”

In the docs, she also detailed an alleged violent incident with Thiago and says she fears for her  well-being.

In the documents, filed on January 6, Thaysa did not go into detail about Thiago’s alleged drug problem — but she did say Thiago got violent with her while she was in a friend’s home on Jan. 5th. In broken English, Thaysa seems to explain that Thiago went on a rampage and cut up her work uniform.

From what she is saying Thaysa was in some real danger. Of course we haven’t heard his full story yet but this looks very bad for Silva right now.