Thiago Silva’s Wife Says He Has Coke Habit

thiago silva mugshot

Thiago Silva is still locked up after allegedly threatening his wife and her accused lover with a gun. Dana White says he is kicked out of the UFC, but his wife Thaysa is talking. She claims that his anger is due to his cocaine habit:

“The problem was cocaine. He always thinks he’s above the law,” Thaysa told a Brazilian media outlet, via TMZ Sports. “He had the cocaine paranoia.”

“My marriage was over in December of 2012,” she said. “In our relationship, I had to deal with the imbalance and aggressions. But I never went to talk to the police because I fear the reactions. Even after I was assaulted, I did not speak.”

To be fair, SIlva’s lawyer says that the police did not find any coke at the time of the arrest. I wouldn’t be shocked if there was a drug problem but it seems like Thaysa feels a lot safer with her husband behind bars now.