UCLA is One of the First Colleges to Use Electronic Commit Letters

UCLA Electronic NLIs

UCLA is one of the first college athletic programs to offer football commits an electronic version of their National Letters of Intent (NLI) for the 2014 National Signing Day Period. UCLA’s signature option is through SignNow by Barracuda.

The process is quite easy: UCLA emails the recruits both their NLI and scholarship contracts electronically, the recruit can sign the papers with their hand or by using a computer mouse and once the form is filled out by the recruit and parents, a final copy is given to the family and university via email. Simple enough.

“Once the NCAA approved electronic signatures for NLIs, it was an easy decision to partner with SignNow on this project,” explained UCLA Associate Athletic Director for Compliance Matt Elliott. “The technology provides accurate time stamps and ensures that we receive the signed contracts as soon as they are executed.”

“UCLA Football is all about forward thinking and using new technologies to improve efficiency and effectiveness,” said UCLA Football Director of Player of Personnel Pat Girardi. “Signing a National Letter of Intent electronically will be cutting-edge, and we want this year’s recruits to be able to say they are the first to ever do such a thing. Our goal is to be on the forefront of exciting technology coming down the pipeline. This is just another advancement in the Bruin Revolution.”

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