USA Snowboarder Sold Cows to Fund Olympic Training


The Winter Olympics are quickly approaching, and there are always a ton a heart felt stories to choose from. This one in particular really shows the kind of sacrifices these athletes have to make to compete at such a high level. According to Fansided, a USA women’s half pipe competitor, Kaitlyn Farrington, did whatever she had to do to get herself to the Olympics. They actually sold cows to raise the money for her Olympic training.

”Every week before [a] snowboard trip – on Wednesdays, I think – was the cattle sales. We’d load a cow up into the trailer before I went to school, and he’d take it to the cattle sale and sell it.  And that was my money to go on that weekend trip to go compete,” Farrington told

“We don’t have any cows left after the whole thing happened. Both my parents were just so supportive and knew that I loved snowboarding so much.  And so they wanted to see me do well.”

Farrington represents the US later this week in Sochi, showing her family that the sacrifice was well worth it.