Video of Ray Rice Dragging Unconscious Fiancee After Alleged Uppercut

Janay Palmer Ray Rice 3

What was being described as a “minor incident” by Rice’s attorney appears to be a little more serious than that.

TMZ obtain surveillance footage of Rice dragging his unconscious fiancee on the ground before leaving her.

Ray Rice Fiancee

This corroborates the three witnesses that said Rice knocked his fiancee out after she either spit on him or hit him. Both Rice and his fiancee Janay Palmer were arrested.

You can watch the video below, after dragging her into a hallway, Rice leaves her there.

16 thoughts on “Video of Ray Rice Dragging Unconscious Fiancee After Alleged Uppercut

  • At least it was his wife and not an old white lady like they usually target.

  • pos doesn’t deserve her. Hope he gets the 10 years in prison.

  • looks like he is wearing a steelers hat.

  • It appears both parties were wrong in this situation. However, as a professional football player, Rice should not have hit her back, as seen by the results of his retaliation. This is a domestic issue, and both will likely be charged with domestic assault. This still will be a knock against Rice though, a man, unless in extreme circumstances shouldn’t put his hands on a woman. He better think long and hard about actually marrying her after this incident. This story is likely to repeat itself in the future with both parties behaving badly…

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