Warren Sapp During Combine: “There’s Something In The Steroids” (Video)


Warren Sapp has more than nine lives as an analyst, and managages to get away with saying just about anything.

During Monday’s NFL Network Combine coverage for linebackers and defensive limeman, Sapp made his onfield appearance offering his color analysis on a subject he has a Hall of Fame background in.

Sapp must have really blown away by all the crazy numbers being posted, because he let this slip out his mouth in the video courtesy of Awful Announcing. 

“There’s something in the steroids… I mean, something in the… something… cause these kids are way bigger than I ever remember.”

 Don’t you just love it when all the retired and former players decide they want to tell all the secrets since they’re done playing.

2 thoughts on “Warren Sapp During Combine: “There’s Something In The Steroids” (Video)

  • Have you ever wondered why the NFL doesn’t test these guys before the combine? In the Olympics athletes are tested before they compete in the events. I think the coaches, the scouts and Warren Sapp know what’s going on. Sapp just snitched on himselft and the entire league.

  • Im tellin you.its all the steroids in the chicken these days. Why you think these little 12 year old girls look 19 or 20. Same with athletes.

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