Warren Sapp Wants Michael Strahan To Forgive Him

W. Sapp, Luck

Warren Sapp has been doing a lot lately. He said that Michael Strahan didn’t belong in the Hall of Fame, before he got announced yesterday. Sapp also challenged him to a fight. Now Sapp wants forgiveness:

“I hugged him and wouldn’t let him go,” Sapp, an NFL Network analyst, said during NFL Game Day on Sunday. “I said, ‘Please forgive me.’ I said, ‘Dumb Lex Luthor came to the city of Gotham and pulled Superman’s cape. How foolish could I have been, my man? Please forgive me.

“And if he tells the story any different that, he’s lying to you, America, because I sure did apologize. I’m going to beg for forgiveness because there’s a party in Canton, and I promise you, I’m not going to miss it.”

“Welcome to the club, buddy,” Sapp said. “I’m so happy he’s there. We’re all there. This game cannot be told without Michael Strahan and Warren Sapp because Sapp and Strahan go well together.”

It’s nice to see that Sapp came to his senses.

2 thoughts on “Warren Sapp Wants Michael Strahan To Forgive Him

  • Punk. If he believes that Strahan does not belong in the Hall of Fame, then that is what he believes. Why change his opinion because it is unpopular.

    • Because the good folks at NFL Network MADE HIM! It’s was either apologize or go back to being a judge on BBQ Pitmasters!

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