Wash St WR Arrested After Punching Man in Bar Fight

gabe marks arrested

Washington State’s leading WR Gabe Marks was arrested early Saturday morning for fourth-degree assault, second-degree criminal trespass, being a minor intoxicated in public and frequenting a tavern as a minor. Here are the details from the Pullman Police Department Sgt. Dan Dornes:

Dornes said that Marks, a 19-year-old, was being detained by “a number of employees” outside Stubblefields bar in Pullman at 2:12 a.m. Saturday when Pullman Police Department officers responded to a call that an employee had been assaulted.

“He was in a dispute with another patron and they were asking him to leave the premises and they were escorting him to leave the premises,” Dornes said. “During that time he punched one of the employees, which was a 34-year-old male and so they held him there.”

Marks had 74 catches for 807 yards and seven touchdowns last year. Not the smartest move in the world to be underage in a bar and starting fights. Smarten up Nas.