WCU Student Screwed Out of $10K After Half-Court Shot (Video)

WCU Student Makes Crazy Half-Court Shot for $10K

Last night we told you about a WCU student who hit a half court shot to win $10,000. Well it turns out that since he didn’t make the shot on the first attempt, he doesn’t get the cash:

“This is really tough for me honestly. After all that celebration, they told me I’m not going to get it. I feel a little hurt,” said finance major Jack Lavery, 18. “No one from West Chester has even reached out to me yet.”

“We are hopeful that the university will award him with $10,000 for his unbelievable feat like they promised,” said Bill Lavery, Jack’s father. “We kind of feel a little let down. They made him believe he won after the shot. It’s kind of frustrating.”

The kid’s dad even said he would match the $10,000 if his son won it so he has extra incentive to get this ruling reversed. I hope they give him a scholarship, take the good publicity and call it good.