Witness Against Aaron Hernandez Shot Outside Club (Mugshot)

Alexander Bradley

There has been another strange twist surrounding the Aaron Hernandez case. Alexander Bradley, a former close friend of Hernandez was shot last night outside of a club in Hartford. He then grabbed a gun and fired off 11 shots back into the club, which is why you see his mugshot above. Boston.com has the scoop:

Bradley, 31, allegedly got back into his car and drove a short distance away from the nightclub where he was stopped by police. At that point, the wounded Bradley “spills out of the vehicle” and was arrested, said Hartford Police Lieutenant Brian Foley.

Bradley was rushed to Hartford Hospital, where this morning he was treated for multiple gunshot wounds to his right thigh. Bradley was released from the hospital and taken to police headquarters, but his expected arraignment this afternoon was postponed because he started to bleed again from his wounds, Foley said. Bradley was taken back to the hospital and officials are now hoping to arraign him Tuesday morning.

Foley said a firearm was recovered in the car, and the charges the 31-year-old Bradley will face are being determined by police and the county prosecutor.

If Bradley sounds familiar, he is the person who is suing Hernandez for allegedly shooting him in the face after they left a strip club in Miami. This is just another example of this continuing to go wrong for everyone involved in this case.