50 Cent Confrontation With Steve Stoute at Knicks Game (Photos)

50 Cent Steve Stoute

This was more exciting than the game itself (Knicks were blown out by Golden State).

Short version, 50 doesn’t like Stoute from things that happened back before 50 blew up. Stoute doesn’t appreciate the fact 50 never thanked him for some of the deals he helped him get after he blew up (specifically the Reebok shoe deal).

Stoute also doesn’t consider 50 an influential hip-hop artist anymore and that seems to be the caused of the confrontation. Stoute has been doing the media rounds for the documentary “Tanning of America” that he is the host of.

To be frank, 50 is a very good businessman, but hasn’t had a hit record is several years. To a lot of people he is known more as a boxing promoter and vitamin water pitchman, so nothing Stoute is saying is incorrect, but it doesn’t appear 50 was pleased.

50 Cent Steve Stoute 2

Wonder if 50 can channel some of that anger and suit up for the Knicks?

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5 thoughts on “50 Cent Confrontation With Steve Stoute at Knicks Game (Photos)

  • These minstrels are so trashy. It appears the NFL is going the way of the NBA, too. Anyone for hockey eh?

  • Washed up has berms who don’t do anything to make the earth a better place to live..

  • 50 Cent had better learn to pick his battles these days. I don’t understand why he’d pick a Knick’s game, to air out his differences with Steve Stoute.

  • Careful Stoute, not a good idea to poke a self-professed gangsta by calling him non-influencial (even if its true), a guy who’s been shot 9 times is usually the same kind of guy who will have you shot for street cred, especially if you’re calling him irrelevant.

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