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iCarly’s Jennette McCurdy Admits She Played Andre Drummond for IG LIkes

by Robert Littal | Posted on Sunday, March 2nd, 2014
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Jennette McCurdy Andre Drummond

For a lot of guys, there comes a time when they change from being the “nice guy” to the IDGAF guy when it comes to relationships.

It most famously happened to me after my first love left me for a Lacrosse player. Once something like that happens you never truly go back to the way you were. Pistons Andrew Drummond seems like a nice kid and he had a crush on actress Jennette McCurdy. He used social media to help wooo her and it played out for the world to see.

It was a modern day Twitter love story, but alas McCurdy was playing him the whole time. Jocks and Stiletto Jill has the details, but here is the cliff notes version. She never liked him, thought he was weird, her friends thought he was weird, they had no chemistry, she didn’t like kissing him, he bought her a bunch of stuff (that she didn’t give back) and she broke up with him using her mother’s death as an excuse.

Oh, but that was after he bought her some jewelry, got down on one knee and ask her to be his girlfriend (she didn’t accept the jewelry).

Fast forward to the 20 min mark of the Pete Holmes Podcast to hear how she describe it.

Now, the whole time she wasn’t feeling him, she was playing up the relationship on Twitter, Instagram and TV. If a guy did that to a girl, he would be called a creep, but I doubt anyone says anything negative about Ms. McCurdy.

Drummond just learned a hard lesson that all guys have to learn at some point and I am sure it is one he will never forget.

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  1. nba is fixed says:

    After the OJ Simpson and Kobe Bryant incident, you think black men would learn to leave the beckys alone. During this fake relationship, Jennette McCurdy could have dialed 911 at anytime for any reason and Andre Drummond would have had a serious problem. Some black men don’t learn until it’s too late. The beckys don’t like you!

    • Lee R. says:

      Preach on man. They don’t seem to respect any dudes in general. They’re all about covering their own ass and promoting their own brand. As a white Cuban who’s experienced a fair share of ethnicities, white women are the devil. They’ll be the downfall of us all

      • Natalie says:

        You know what, I’m a white woman, but I absolutely agree. So many of them are pretentious bitches. I don’t really associate myself with those kinds of women..but keep in mind that you haven’t met them all :)

  2. Boots & Bowties says:

    Great article Rob and so true. Women wonder why men turn into such @$$holes or aren’t sweet, caring or give gifts and this is the number #1 reason why.

  3. Sacha del Sol says:

    I knew it was a joke from the time I saw her hat on backwards …

  4. Frank F says:

    “For a lot of guys, there comes a time when they change from being the “nice guy” to the IDGAF guy when it comes to relationships” Preach!!!
    JM really had me fooled I thought she was so sweet and would be the next Holly Robinson Peete type who can act and be married to a pro athlete but seem cool and down to earth. Hang in there AD the good mature women are still out there for you to scoop up.

  5. JT says:

    She sounds confused and I think she’s not telling the full story. She initiates the first kiss, calls it awkward and it didn’t feel right…..yet she admits they kissed on several other occasions. Who does that if the chemistry is off? Then in one week he asks her to be his girl and she said yes because of pressure? Then she breaks up with him 2 days later? I think he never had a chick like that before and got sprung after he hit it and it scared her off. No guy ever buys jewelry, sends a chick some clothes, and go out with a chick 5 days in 1 week if they’re not smashing. To listen to what she said about her feelings after her mom passing is also a red flag! She sounds apathetic & just not mature yet basically.

  6. Kay W says:

    This is such BS. This is a great young man with a wonderful personality and is quite down to earth. This young lady seems to be upset that he just wasn’t into her as much as she portended it out to be. It helped HER ratings as he is young and will be around for a long time well with her career…not so much! Still milking this for publicity is crazy! Get over it already, this young lady seems like stalker material! Let it go, the weirdness factor showing is not coming from Dre! Plenty of lady friends to prove her otherwise.

  7. PinkLady says:

    I am sorry, but for the record not all white women are “Beckys”. Not all white women play black men. Some are actually good hearted women who can love beyond racial barriers. But in this case, Jenette McCurdy did something that I think is pretty cruel. Playing with ANYONE’S heart is the wrong thing to do no matter what gender or race the person doing the playing is.

  8. jimmyt says:

    Is it racist to call a white girl a “Becky”?

  9. Z says:

    This is one big lie! She never said that in the podcast and this article is just twisting shit!

  10. nba is fixed says:

    Clearly this chick is cold hearted and clearly this guy is a Captain Save A Hoe! The lesson for today is one, don’t save hoes, and two, be careful when screwing around with beckys. This situation could have ended alot worse. If you disagree with me, ask Kobe Bryant!

  11. nhonors says:

    @Z – yes she did.

    And as far as those ‘leaked’ pictures – I believe she leaked those to take the heat off herself and point it in A.D.’s direction. Now if she were a classy b**** she would confirm that she knows he wouldn’t do it. But because after listening to the podcast I’m sure she won’t.

  12. Statick says:

    Regardless of how you think he looks or how fickle she is. Fact is, HE HIT THAT.

    • Mike says:

      Just shut up nigger. He never hit that. they only kissed and she was grossed out by his gorilla lips. you fucking piece of shit. don’t ever assume becky likes OJ. only the retarded one’s do.

  13. sparky says:

    Chic is lying. The pics of her leaked now all of a sudden she was playing him for likes…whateva. She wanted to be a basketball wife and get that money. Didn’t work out now to save face she’s like I never liked him anyway. If so why she sending half nude/ nude pics? We know she gave up the undies. Tell Sam be happy she had a great disney career but no big NBA money in her future.

    • George Connectal says:

      Typical Nigger babble on your part. Jennette never gave up the undies as you put it. Her selfie was not sent to the chimp Andre. Keep dreaming. The pictures gross me out with his ugly ass ape lips, inferior race standing next the superior race.

  14. Renaldoswalkman says:

    The person interviewing is a toolbag.

  15. dude says:

    i find it interesting that George is responding to comments implying the n word when in fact he is proving himself to be one if he knew the definitions to the word really are. but in any case i would say that i wanted this relationship to work out but it is what it is and jennette was wrong to screw with andre like that(considering that andre hasnt said one negative thing about her shows he is actually a mature class act and prefers to keep to himself). now if that were the other way the whole net would be eating him alive which i deem stupid to do that with one person and not have it both ways sometimes.

  16. dude says:

    same with mike being the n word as well.

  17. Joe Schmoe says:

    I used to like this girl, thought she was cute and had a good personality. Now we find out she’s a nigger lover? what the fuk is wrong with you girl, you know once you go black, we don’t want you back!!!

  18. George Foreman says:

    Does anybody believe she would touch a black guy int the real world? You know what Drummond would of been if he wasn’t rich? Another nigger. Jennette Mccurdy looks like the type of white bitch who calls black people nigger behind their back and then gets in their face and smile.

    This dude got what he deserve. Another black male who gets on TV and runs to a white bitch like black females are lesser.

    Jennette is a no talent whore. She will be the next Amanda Bynes or Lindsey Lohan a coked up loser who carer is over but still tries to stay in the pot light by telling her personal business.

    Hell she is doing that already.

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