Albert Pujols Still Disgusted Over Being Compared To Mike Trout

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If there was a list of things not to bring up to Albert Pujols, you could probably put ‘Mike Trout comparisons’ close to the top.

Pujols continued to scoff at being compared to his 22-year-old teammate Mike Trout in interviews. Frankly, Pujols is right to laugh off the comparisons afterall, Trout has a ways to go even for all he’s done in 2 years in the Majors.

Pujols continued to harp on the comparison (or slight if you ask him) and his frustration is pretty funny:

“Can you imagine someone saying that to me? I felt like saying, ‘Come on, are you serious? Are you really asking me that? Check out my numbers. I know what Mike Trout has done in his first two years is pretty special, but will you look at my numbers. I’ve been doing this for almost 14 years.’

“The only guy in baseball who can match the numbers I’ve put up is Barry Bonds, and someone is actually asking if I can put up numbers like Mike Trout? Are you freaking kidding me?”

Pujols continued to make things between he and Trout even more awkward by continuing:

“He’s a great kid who always wants to learn and is so humble, but if it takes someone comparing me to Mike Trout to motivate me, it’s time for me to get out of the game.”

Pujols’ diva meltdown was something fierce, but there seems to be no ill-will for Trout on his end. Afterall, this is one of the best players if not arguably the best of the decade being compared to a kid. Kinda hurts the ego.

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  • He’s right. This is an issue created by this writer and the media to be divisive. It’s a stupid question. Mike is a kid, but he could get hurt next year and never play again. And Albert will still have 10 years of fabulous stats.

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