Andre Drummond Says He Didn’t Leak iCarly Star Lingerie Pics

Jennette McCurdy Andre Drummond

Speculation was that Drummond leaked iCarly’s star Jennette McCurdy lingerie photos. McCurdy says she knows who did it.

Drummond says it wasn’t him.

We reached out to Drummond, who could not have been more adamant he’s not to blame — saying, “I did NOT leak any photos of JM.”

The Detroit Pistons star — who grabbed an incredible 26 rebounds last night — adds, “I want nothing to do with her or the situation. I’m just worried about ball.”

According to the Birdie nudes maybe on the way.

If you want to check out lingerie photos, you may view below.

iCarly Lingerie Pics #1

iCarly Lingerie Pics #2

iCarly Lingerie Pics #2