Hawks Unveil 700-Pound Statue of Paul Millsap (Photos)

Paul Millsap

If you find yourself driving down Interstate 85 North in Atlanta in the next little while, try not to be alarmed when you catch sight of a 15-foot tall, 700-pound Paul Millsap dunking on the side of the highway, because, and I feel silly for even saying this, but it’s not the real Paul Millsap.

No, the ginormous replica of the Hawks forward made from steel and foam is part of an elaborate billboard being erected by the team as part of a promotion where one lucky fan can win an opportunity to hang out with Millsap in Vegas at a summer league game, as well as spending some quality time in the Atlanta locker room playing video games.

Good times.

Credit the Hawks for stepping up their billboard game. Despite the tenuous hold the team has on the last playoff spot in the East,  Millsap is excited about seeing his impressive doppelganger.

“But this billboard,” Millsap said, “is something I’ve got to go see.”

You and me both Paul…you and me both.